If you have questions or concerns regarding any aspect of your child's speech, language or communication skills, please call.


Preschool Screenings

Early detection of speech and language problems in children is often key to effective treatment.  Don't wait.  If you have concerns about your child's speech and/or language skills, trust your "gut".  Help is available!  Seeking the professional opinion of a speech-language pathologist can put your mind at ease, or put you on the path to finding the help your child needs. 

Speech and language does not come naturally to every child.  Some children need a different approach.  Earlier intervention can make a difference in future academic success, self-esteem, and other quality of life issues.  A speech-language pathologist, like Cassandra at Vlinder Communication Therapies, can assess your child and let you know if your child's "problem" is a normal stage of development or a speech and/or language delay or disorder.

Screenings can help determine which children should be closely monitored or referred for further evaluation.  Call or email today to schedule a free 15-minute speech-language screening for children under the age of 7.