Reflections on AAC (guest post)

"Using AAC is hard work! That may sound depressing, but I believe it is helpful for parents to understand how hard their child is working. ‘Small’ changes are really BIG changes in my mind."

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Come Hell or High Water (guest post)

"Today, without the head slapping tantrums and gallons of tears, my son can tell me when he needs to use the bathroom or wants to go to the park. He can tell me that he is frustrated or angry. He can even tell me that he loves me. Picture by picture, tap by tap, he is coming into his own and we are finding our way."

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Presume Competence

For there is danger in condemning a child to a life of unfulfilled potential when we restrict their access (education, communication, experience, opportunity, based on what we assume they can handle.

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ABA & SLP: A Collaborative Approach to Intervention (guest post)

"As a team, it is evident to me that BCBA’s and SLP’s are well suited to provide state of the art treatment for individuals within their care and doing so will depend on their mutual understanding of each other’s abilities."

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On the Importance of Being Part of the TEAM

I work in a solo private practice. Many of the children on my caseload are nonverbal and have significant behavioral challenges. In addition to their school teams, they have several community-based professionals. The reality is we know best practice is for collaboration and teaming, however that information has not reached the decision makers. As professionals, we need to keep advocating and educating for what we know is best practice, but ultimately ...

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