Speech Therapy (guest post)

"One of the things I love to do is play roller derby. It's one of my favorite sports. Another thing about me is that I go to speech therapy. And today I would like to tell you what I do at speech therapy."

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Imparting Hope (guest post)

"I still have a list on my phone of my son's words as of September 2013 when he was 2 years old. We had been working with a speech therapist for 6 months and were laboring away at building his basic vocab and the elusive 'two-word phrases' most kids his age seemed to come to easily. Ball, book, more, mama, eyes, bird, baby..."

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Our Experience with Speech Therapy (guest post)

"Part of me felt nervous that my child would be labeled, or that I would be told something was “wrong” with her. Instead, I found a kind, knowledgeable person who would partner with us to teach and help Maeve, to support her in the journey from silence to speech."

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BHSM 2016: Communication Takes Care

Quality of life. The ability to speak, hear, and understand language and conversation are central to almost every aspect of daily life. Yet, we often take these skills for granted. And unfortunately, these disorders may go untreated for years - or may never be treated. The message this Better Hearing & Speech Month is: it's important to prioritize identification and treatment - because the ability to communicate takes care.

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SLP Book Club: Out of My Mind

I have a short list of books that I wish were "required" reading for everyone. Books that powerfully describe what life is like for individuals who are nonverbal. Books that illustrate the power of communication. Books like Petey and Ghost Boy. I now have another to add the the list. In fact, I think Out of My Mind goes straight to the top of the list.

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