2016 Nancy McKinley Lecture Series: Topics in AAC {Day 1}

October is AAC Awareness Month! All this week I am attending a live webinar series on called: 2016 Nancy McKinley Lecture Series: Topics in AAC. Here is my summary of Day 1.

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EmotiPlush Therapy Dolls {a review}

Meet Emily. Emily is one of four "facial expression empathy dolls" available from EmotiPlush Inc. On their website, EmotiPlush dolls are described as: "a revolutionary way of playing with dolls - change the toy's features to reflect the emotions you want it to express!"

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Speech Therapy (guest post)

"One of the things I love to do is play roller derby. It's one of my favorite sports. Another thing about me is that I go to speech therapy. And today I would like to tell you what I do at speech therapy."

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Imparting Hope (guest post)

"I still have a list on my phone of my son's words as of September 2013 when he was 2 years old. We had been working with a speech therapist for 6 months and were laboring away at building his basic vocab and the elusive 'two-word phrases' most kids his age seemed to come to easily. Ball, book, more, mama, eyes, bird, baby..."

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Our Experience with Speech Therapy (guest post)

"Part of me felt nervous that my child would be labeled, or that I would be told something was “wrong” with her. Instead, I found a kind, knowledgeable person who would partner with us to teach and help Maeve, to support her in the journey from silence to speech."

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