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Sound of the Week:  CH

Are you ready for sound of the week /ch/?? When I made the decision to take a break from the letter/sound of the week project...well, let's just say it was a little longer than I had intended! But here we are. So, let's hear three cheers for "CH"!

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Letters A-Z, check!

We did it! We have dedicated a week to each letter of the alphabet - and more importantly the corresponding sound each letter usually makes.

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Letter of the Week: Y

Last (for letters of the alphabet), but not least – ‘Y’! ‘Y’ is a consonant. From a speech perspective, ‘y’ is a borrower. As with the other borrowers, ‘y’ is a symbol without a unique sound of its own.

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Letter of the Week: Q

I grew up with quilts. Quilts that were used. A lot. Quilts my grandmother made. Quilts my mom made. Heading to the park? We grabbed a large quilt to spread out on the grass. Curling up on the living room floor for a special movie night? Grabbed a comfy quilt to get cozy. Nap time - definitely quilt time. I remember making a quilt for my doll when I was learning to sew as a girl (and being quite proud of that quilt). And when I headed off to University as an undergrad I was armed with a quilt my mom had made for me when I was younger. As we tackle our second to last letter of the alphabet, we are going to celebrate quilts!

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Sound of the Week:  SH

I’m not sure why, but I have always loved St. Patrick’s Day. To take advantage of the theme opportunity presented by the "day o' green" next week, we are going to shift gears slightly from our letter-sound of the week to focus on a speech-sound.

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