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Happy Thanksgiving!

This coming week is Thanksgiving week. It is a quiet holiday. Sandwiched between the glitz of Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving is a time to slow down, quielty reflect and count our blessings. Not just for the tangible things we have, but also to be grateful for those intangibles. In therapy, we have been talking about being thankful for little things (like that peppermint mocha I had this morning) and big things (like family and friends who love and support us).

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Letter of the Week: T

Thanksgiving is coming! We are talking about gratitude/thankfulness all month and have a subtle Thanksgiving theme. However, while Thanksgiving starts with the letter 't', it starts with the 'th' sound. And we are not ready to go there, yet. So, next week as we highlight the letter/sound 't' we'll be talkin' turkey! ‘T’ is a consonant. From a speech perspective, ‘t’ is a tip tapper. The tongue [tongue tip to be specific] is doing the work to make this sound.

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