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AACfamily Friday (week 3)

Welcome to #AACfamily Friday (week 3)! Wondering what #AACfamily is? Read about it here. For more #AACfamily photos and fun, check out Uncommon Sense Blog after you are done here.

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Letter of the Week: H

Hhhhhhhhhhalloween is coming! I’m not sure if you can tell, but I LOVE this time of year. Cooler air, warmer layers of clothes, hot drinks and beautiful colors changes outside = happy, happy, joy, joy. Mother Nature is even helping to create a Halloween-mood with all the fog. For H / Halloween week, practice saying “Happy Halloween!” If your child cannot say it verbally, learn to sign it or say it via an AAC system. Oh, and Halloween costumes are definitely welcome in therapy for the week of Halloween!

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