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Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel.

As a speech-language pathologist, it wasn't until I started working with children with significant speech impairments that I started to really appreciate the importance of vowels. I mean, I knew vowels are important. After all, without vowels our words have no meaning. Consider the following...

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Letter of the Week: E

While we still have some consonant letter-sounds, we have finally come to the final vowel letter-sound! Did you know the letter 'E' is the most common letter in English?

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Letter of the Week: U

Well, it’s time we faced facts. We have returned to the time of year when rain is our frequent companion. So we are going to talk “umbrellas” for a week. A stretch, you say? Pi-shaw! Okay, okay. I knew without thinking about it that ‘X’ was going to be a challenge in the theme department. It wasn’t until I started thinking about it that I realized ‘U’ also presents a challenge (although not to the same extent). And for the the hardcore Seattleites who never use umbrellas…well, it’s good to know what one is so we can tell stories about how we saw one invert on someone in the windy rain. Anyone up for singing in the rain, twirling an umbrella?

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Letter of the Week:  I

‘I’ is a vowel. It makes more than one sound. From a speech perspective, short ‘i’ (as in insect) is a “smile” sound.

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Letter of the Week: A

Can you smell it? Fall is in the air. Kiddos are back in school. Time to dig back in after our first review week. Up next is the letter 'a' and fun with apples. ‘A’ is a vowel, which means is makes more than one sound. From a speech perspective, short ‘a’ (as in apple) is a “smile” sound.

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