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Learning to Read is a Ball [a book review]

Dr. Robertson made a simple but powerful statement: we are good at telling parents about the need to read to their children (the why), but we never tell them what or how to read to children. Oh. My. Goodness! As Oprah would say, huge 'ah-ha!' moment! Then I saw a review for a new book by speech-language pathologist Kimberly Scanlon: "Learning to Read is a Ball". "Learning to Read is a Ball" is part children's book, part parent guide. An example of what to read, with a guide on how to read it!

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SLP Book Club: Inside the O'Brien's: A Novel

Okay - wow! This past week I finished reading Lisa Genova's newest book, Inside the O'Brien's...

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Teaching Self-Regulation Skills

Melt-down. Tantrum. Challenging behavior. Whatever you call it, at its core is the lack of skills needed to navigate emotional upset and/or disregulation. Self-Regulation is one of those all important executive function skills. It is "the ability to manage emotional upset and behavior", and a skill set that is particularly difficult to learn for children with language/communication disorders.

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Petey [a book review]

This book beautifully illustrates what can happen when we presume competence. When we look past the exterior and truly see the human being within. When we stop treating individuals with disabilities as “other”, “different”, “less than”...

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I Raise My Eyes To Say Yes: A Memoir [a book review]

For the past several years, I have tried to do something special in April/May for Autism Awareness Month or Better Hearing and Speech Month. Last year, I finally...

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