BHSM 2016: Communication Takes Care

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month [BHSM]!

You may have noticed - it has been (ahem) a little while since I blogged.  But what better reason to jump back into it than BHSM?!?

The theme this year is Communication Takes Care.

Quality of life.  The ability to speak, hear, understand language and follow/participate in conversations are central to almost every aspect of daily life.  Yet, we often take these skills for granted.  And unfortunately, impairments in these areas may go untreated for years - or may never be treated.  The message this Better Hearing & Speech Month is the importance of prioritizing identification and treatment of communication disorders - because the ability to communicate takes care.

Loved ones (parents, siblings, spouses, etc.) are often significantly affected by a family member's communication difficulties.  Because they care!  These loved ones are often the people who are in the best position to influence the decision to seek treatment.  If you have a concern about a loved one's speech, language, or hearing, encourage them (or in the case of children, their parents/guardians) to seek an evaluation from a certified audiologist or speech-language pathologist.  If treatment does follow, loved ones also play an important role in providing support!  A supportive network can make a huge difference in the journey to better communication.

Treatment for hearing loss, speech/language issues, and swallowing disorders can contribute to a vastly improved quality of life.

Don't wait.  If you have concerns, trust your "gut".  Help is available!  Seeking the professional opinion of a speech-language pathologist (or audiologist) can put your mind at ease, or put you on the path to finding the help your child (or loved one) needs.  Early intervention can make a difference.  Hearing and balance issues are evaluated and treated by audiologists, and speech/language and swallowing disorders are evaluated and treated by speech-language pathologists.  If you need help finding a certified professional for yourself or a loved one, visit


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