Letter of the Week: S

Can you believe it?!? Back to school season is upon us! Time to get back into those school bedtime and wake up/morning routines. To flow with conversations you are probably already having with your young ones, our theme this week is school and our letter, ‘s’.

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Letter of the Week: X

So… ‘X’. Finding a theme that fits nicely with the letter ‘x’ is… well, it’s tricky! I found a super cute craft turning an ‘x’ into a pirate. And pirates have the whole “x marks the spot” thing (not to mention those cross bones that look like an ‘x’). And who doesn’t like pirate play?

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Letter of the Week: B

‘B’ is a consonant. /b/ is one of the first developing speech sounds. From a speech perspective, ‘b’ is a lip popper. The lips are doing the work to make this sound. The lips are closed and then pop open as we force a burst of air out. ‘B’ is a noisy sound (we turn on our voice – vocal cords vibrate – to make this sound).

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The Alphabet

Through the letter of the week project, we are highlighting one letter a week. However, we make stronger brain connections when there is a context and through meaningful activities and interactions. Learning through experience and exploration leads to better understanding and retention.

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Letter of the Week: O

We can’t have words without vowels, so why not start with one? Vowel letters have more than one sound. For the sake of our letter of the week project, we will be talking about each of the 5 vowel letters having two sounds (short and long).

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