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SLP Book Club: Out of My Mind

I have a short list of books that I wish were "required" reading for everyone. Books that powerfully describe what life is like for individuals who are nonverbal. Books that illustrate the power of communication. Books like Petey and Ghost Boy. I now have another to add the the list. In fact, I think Out of My Mind goes straight to the top of the list.

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"I Have Something To Say"

Often times we need to take a step back and first teach an appropriate way to initiate communication and interactions. Teach them how to appropriately enter into an interaction. And often this means changing habits of both the child and caregivers.

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NWACS 2015 Fall Conference {Summary Post}

This past Saturday was the Northwest Augmentative Communication Society's (NWACS) annual Fall Conference. Every year, NWACS invites a speaker to come present on a topic relevant to working with children (and adults) with complex communication needs. Susan Lewis Stokes was this year's speaker. Her topic: Challenging Behaviors Communicate!

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Reflections on AAC (guest post)

"Using AAC is hard work! That may sound depressing, but I believe it is helpful for parents to understand how hard their child is working. ‘Small’ changes are really BIG changes in my mind."

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Come Hell or High Water (guest post)

"Today, without the head slapping tantrums and gallons of tears, my son can tell me when he needs to use the bathroom or wants to go to the park. He can tell me that he is frustrated or angry. He can even tell me that he loves me. Picture by picture, tap by tap, he is coming into his own and we are finding our way."

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